The Process of Building a Pool


After signing a contract, we’ll start organising the paper work. Firstly, we will have our engineer draw up a detailed plan and complete structural computations. Also, we’ll draw up plans with details of levels, datum points and hydraulic layouts. The finished plans, structural computations and the Builders warranty insurance are then lodged for building approval.


After approval, we start digging the hole for the pool and removing fill. The yard becomes a construction zone and a temporary fence is set up for your safety. Please keep children and pets away.

Shoring And Formwork

Shoring is used below ground in sandy soils or when soil may collapse. Formwork is installed above ground to support pool walls that extend above ground level.

Steel Fixing And Pre-Plumbing

A criss-cross steel cage is created in and around the whole interior surface of the pool, for the concrete to be sprayed to. Steps and benches are set out at this stage. The pre plumbing is also done. This means making plumbing provisions that need to go through the concrete and included are the pool returns, pool suctions, in floor cleaning systems, solar provisions, spa, blower lines, water features etc.

Concrete shell

As soon as the steel fixing is completed, our specialist concrete spraying contractors will spray and form the concrete shell of your pool. This is accomplished in one day.

Waterline / Interior Tiles And Coping

If you have chosen a quartz interior for your new pool then the waterline tiles will be laid. If you have chosen to fully tile your pool this may be done at a later stage to avoid possible damage or staining of the pool tiles. The coping tiles (if required) are installed after the pool tiles have been laid.

External Plumbing

The plumber will run all pipes from the pool, including the return lines, the suction lines, in floor cleaning lines, spa lines, blower lines and water feature lines back to the site of the pumps and filter.

Gas Plumbing And Electrical Work

Gas line is plumbed in (if required) and the electrical work is done to facilitate the pumps and lighting.

Pool Fencing

After the plumbing, electrical, coping and tiling work has been completed the pool fence will have to be installed prior to the final inspection.

Interior Finish

If you opted for quartz interior, it is at this stage that your pool is rendered, washed down and then should be immediately filled with water.

Water And Chemical Start Up

After the pool is filled with water it is chemically balanced at start up.

Hand-over (Practical Completion)

At hand-over the pool is tested and training on pool maintenance is provided.